Art Cars

Art Cars are an interesting phenomenon at Burning Man. There are all kinds of decorated vehicles found wondering out on the playa. Before being allowed on the playa, all Art Cars must pass inspection by the DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles). If they are going to be out on the playa at night, they must be well lit and have headlights that work. The DMV's main concern is safety and they want to make certain the vehicle that you choose to ride on is going to be safe. There are lots of rules that Art Cars must follow including a stringent speed limit. There are several hundred Art Cars on the playa each year.

That being said, it is a wonderful experience to jump on an Art Car and ride around the playa, particularly at night when the lights and fire are everywhere. Many Art Cars have sound systems so there is always music. Many even have an open bar - remember - you are not allowed to buy or sell anything on the playa so all drinks are free. Some Art Cars are mounted on truck frames and some are golf carts. One of the biggest is the 65' yacht seen below - it is mounted on a cement truck frame.

On the night of the Man burn, Saturday, all the Art Cars form a large circle around the Man with their sound systems on high and every fire and light lit to the max. It makes for an awesome visual treat each Saturday evening.

Some really creative minds.