Camp BUI Organization

Camp BUI is an interesting mix of individuals who have come together to form an awesome family of camp members. You obviously cannot have a camp like this without some type of organization and responsibilities so we will try to set that forth in this section of our website.
Ticket Policy


Each member of camp is responsible for dues. The amount of dues is based upon their use of the facilities. If a member sleeps under the shade structure, the dues are $50.00. If the member sleeps outside from under the shade structure, the dues are $40.00. It stands to reason that members who place their tents under the structure are gaining larger benefit and therefore pay the larger fee.

Your dues go for:

  • Purchase and maintenance of the shade structure
  • Ice
  • Common goods (paper goods, charcoal, soap, etc.)

There are a number of duties each member is expected to participate in:

  • Sign up for meal duty - one entree, one salad, and one desert for the week
  • Sign up for at least one meal cleanup
  • Keep the camp clean
  • Learn and maintain camp etiquette
  • Help setup and tear down the camp

The evening meal is the only meal we share. Dinner is at 7:00pm. Breakfast and lunch are on your own. That being said, many times members bring extra food and share it during that time - like bacon and eggs, tatter tot caserole, hot dogs, etc. The camp has an array of cooking equipment including 5 Dutch ovens, two Coleman stoves, and all the pots, pans, and cutlery required for cooking most meals. If you are vegeterian, or have food alergies, we recommend you make special arrangements

Each person is responsible for signing up for one entree, one salad, and one desert for the week. Most evenings we will have at least two entrees, 2 salads, and 2 deserts. Early on, a member volunteers to coordinate the food and each member is responsible for working with that member.

We have never had a shortage of food. In fact, our camp is known for its gourmet meals on the playa. A good example is our normal Friday meal of ribs, potatoes, home-made ice cream and cobbler.


Keeping clean on the playa is impossible and you should give up all pretenses of cleanliness prior to arrival on the playa. In fact, at the Greeter's station - if you are a virgin - you will be required to roll around in the playa dust. But, it is mighty nice to wash off all that dirt and dust at least a couple times during the week.

We have an enclosed shower stall in which we hang solar shower bags (we have 4). Navy showers are mandatory (NO exceptions) and we provide Dr. Bronner's Soap (biodegradeable and excellent for playa use)

We recommend you bring some body wipes for daily cleanup. Also, we have a foot soak basin each evening in which you can soak your feet in vinegar water (it breaks down alkali) and we provide moisturizing cream. It feels mighty good to have happy feet.

Shelter Our shelter is made of sun reflectant UV tarps and cover an area of 90' by 40'. We also have a covered porch and in 2013we will add a 20 x 10 cover over the cooking area. It is important that you spend most of your afternoon in the shade because at 4,000 feet elevation, the sun will cook you.
Drinking Water Each person is responsible for bringing enough drinking water for themselves. We have a camp water thermos which we keep iced. Most people provide their drinking water to the common container making it easy to stay hydrated. We recommend bottled water for this purpose because our health is so vulnerable out on the playa.
Potable Water In addition to pure drinking water, we need clean water for washing dishes, showering, keeping cool. Bring adequate water for your stay.
Ice Keeping our perishable food cold is critical if we are going to maintain our health on the playa. Therefore, we have made ice a camp issue, not a member issue. Your dues pay for ice. Someone from the camp makes an ice run almost daily. It is your responsibility to keep your ice chests serviced.
Recycling We are getting better at this every year. We make every attempt to recycle all materials that are recyclable with one garbage can for garbage and one for recycling. In addition, we each bring a plate, bowl, cup, and cutlery so dish washing or waste of paper goods is kept to a minimum. We also recycle melt water from the ice chests. This water is used for the showers.
Moop Each member is resonsible for keeping our camp and the playa clean. Each member is responsible for picking up any items that do not belong on the playa whether or not it belongs to that member. We are a leave no trace event and Camp BUI takes this seriously. Before we leave our camp on Monday, we walk the area and pick up anything that is foreign to the playa.

We have established a number of traditions over the years and are working on increasing our presence both in the area of I and 2:45 and the entire playa.

  • Shot of the Day - Each evening we blow a marine horn and people from our area gather for a shot of the day. One person usually provides a toast and we all put 'er down.
  • Sunset - Sunset is the beginning of the party and we thank TBD for making sure we acknowledge the end of the day.
  • Evening Meal - The evening meal is at 7:00. It is a time we get together as a family.
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake Thursday (2:00 to 4:00) Pineapple Upside Down Cake with a Pineapple Upside Down Cake Shot



How to become a member of Camp BUI

Camp BUI is a non-exclusion group of people who come together each year to enjoy each other and the Burning Man experience. Our camp grew out of friendships that were established off of the playa but has grown to include many members who simply happened to camp near us or wandered in.

Not everyone is suited for our camp so we have initiated a sponsorship model whereby a current member is selected as a sponsor to help aculturate any new member to the etiquette of not only our camp, but of Burning Man in general.

At the end of the week the camp decides if it is a good match or not. There are some attendees whose values and goals do not match our camp and it not fair to current members, nor to the new attendee, to not have your goals met at the event.

Ticket Policy

Camp BUI Ticket Policy


PURPOSE:  The purpose of this policy is to inform all members of Camp BUI how Direct Group Sale (DGS) tickets and Main Sale (MS) tickets are distributed for the benefit of Camp BUI members.  We will seldom procure enough tickets for everyone that wants to attend so this policy is set forth to address that problem.


Preliminary Survey – A general indication as to who is coming

  1. By January 10th of each year, Stories will send an email asking:
    1. Which Camp BUI members plan to return for that year’s burn?
    2. Who will need a vehicle pass?
    3. Members may submit at this time the names of individuals who have not camped with us before and wish to join us. Those proposing new attendees must be BUI members and must agree to mentor that new member.
    4. All information should be submitted prior to February 1.
  2. During the entire ticketing process, all BUI members and hopefuls who decide they would like to attend and be part of Camp BUI must submit their name and requested information to Stories before securing a ticket with the assistance of Camp BUI. This list will be continuously prioritized based on years of attendance.
  3. After February 1, Stories will send a list of those who have indicated they plan to attend AND are ready to make payment. This list will be ordered by total number of year in Camp BUI (not at Burning Man). If there are two or more with the same number, a flip of the coin or lottery will decide the order.


Direct Group Sale (DGS) – Specific to who is buying during the DGS

  1. After February 1st, Stories will compile two lists:
    1. A list of the twelve DGS buyers.
    2. A list of ALL BUI members who are interested and ready to purchase a ticket (including those willing to participate in the DGS).  The first 24 on this list will be provided with the DGS tickets. But, as noted below, those who are not the DGS buyers, but receive a DGS ticket STILL need to work to obtain tickets for others who wish to be in Camp BUI.
    3. Both lists will be prioritized and selected based on the total number of year’s each member has been a part of Camp BUI. If there are two or more with the same number, a flip of the coin or lottery will decide the order.
  2. Each member selected to purchase in the DGS must purchase two tickets and one vehicle pass.
  3. No DGS tickets may be sold to anyone other than a BUI member or hopeful prior to July 1.
  4. Note:  The final allocation of tickets will not be established until after both the DGS and the MS is complete.

Main Sale (MS)

  1. Any BUI member or hopeful who did not get a ticket in the DGS is required to establish a Profile and be ready and able to purchase 2 tickets and one vehicle pass in the MS. This includes long standing Camp BUI members who will likely get a DGS ticket.
  2. BUI members who have already secured DGS tickets will assist members and hopefuls to secure tickets during the MS
    1. Members and hopefuls will set up teams of 3 to 4 people who will be ready to purchase tickets for members and hopefuls who did not secure tickets in the DGS.
    2. At 12:00 noon, teams log on to purchase tickets.
    3. The moment one person in the team gains access to the ticketing process, the other team members bail or contact someone from another team to see if they have gained access.
    4. The person that gains access uses the Profile information and credit card information from the member of that team that did not get a ticket in the DGS. (Those who purchase tickets in the DGS are prohibited from purchasing in the MS)
  3. All tickets purchased with the help of Camp BUI members become part of the BUI pool and cannot be released to non-BUI hopefuls without permission for Stories or before July 1.



  1. After BOTH the DGS and MS have been completed and total number of secured tickets is known; Stories will send a list indicating who has tickets and who we still need to work to obtain tickets.
  2. As soon as this list shared those buying tickets from another Camp BUI member who secured them in the DGS or MS must MAKE PAYMENTS within TWO WEEKS.  Failure to do so will result in the ticket becoming available to the next person down the list.
    1. Be aware than even though payment is made physical tickets are not normally mailed by BMORG until early July.
  3. More people than tickets: In instances where there is a situation, where say, we four tickets left, and we have six new people who want to come, the Olpharts will decide who receives tickets.  To be blunt the new partner/spouse of someone who has been very active in Camp BUI for six years is more likely to get a ticket than someone who has come once and has a friend who wants to come.


  1. BUI members will assist other members and hopefuls who were unable to secure tickets in either the DGS or MS and are committed to attending Camp BUI in securing tickets via STEP. This means that if you did not purchase a ticket through DGS or MS – but you have been promised a ticket – that you need to “step” up for your fellow campmates and participate in the STEP program.

After the Sales

  1. We ask that prior to any tickets being sold, you check with Stories to see if anyone is waiting in the wings.
  2. On July 1 all unassigned tickets held by either BUI members or hopefuls are no longer bound by the ticket policy set forth in this document. Again, we ask that a courtesy communication take place with Stories.
  3. Any BUI member or hopeful who decides after July 1 that they would like to attend will have to secure their own ticket.


Vehicle Passes (VP)

Our goal is to have no less than 2 people in each car that arrives at Camp BUI. While this is not always possible, this is what we are working toward.

  1. Beginning on January 10th and ending February 1st, each Camp BUI member or hopeful needs to let Stories know if you need a VP.
  2. Stories will compile a list of members and hopefuls that need VPs.
  3. The VPs will be distributed as needed.
  4. Each individual driver may determine if riders will share in the cost of the VP.
  5. All VPs purchased in the DGS must remain inside Camp BUI until August 1 (this date is later than date extra tickets can be sold because transportation normally gets settled a little later than other logistics.)


APPROXIMATE DATES – for reference in setting policies

DG – Directed Group

                Form – 2/14 (2017); 2/13 (2018)

                Sale – 3/1 (2017); 2/28 (2018)

MS – Main Sale

                Registration – 3/22 (2017); 3/21 (2018)

                Sale – 3/29 (2017); 3/28 (2018)

STEP – Sale – 4/26 (2017); 4/11 (2018)


Note: “Olpharts” refers to the core group who work to secure tickets, deal with logistics of the shade structure including expansion and repair, transportation of Camp BUI gear to the Playa, purchase supplies for camp, coordinate meals, etc.  There are currently seven members: Al Ward, Chuck Schroeder, Jef Smith, Curtis Dach, Dennis Funk, Justin Dunlap, and Gregory Shaffer.


Version: 1.0 (1/8/18)